Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Iphone pictures

So I decided to share some of my

pictures from my phone

I have a little to much fun with

instagram at times which is

an app for iphones that has

a bunch of different filters

you can put on your pictures :)

This one if from sometime back

in the summer when Nadine

and I where on a hike

The hardest hike we went on

and the most adventurous.

We were still out there after dark

trying to find our way back to the car

through a pitch black forest

without a flashlight

good times!

This one is from about a week ago.

It was a beautiful day so Markus,

Ryker and I went to the park and

played in the fall leaves.

I was picking leaves out of my

clothers forever afterwards!

Last but not least I couldn't resist

putting this one on.

Poor Tina the tiny green truck.

As the days get colder and I leave

in the mornings to a frost covered

car I miss my trusty

four wheel drive truck.

1 comment:

sharon said...

Poor little Tina the truck!!!! Boohoo!