Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hello All,

Well we finally have internet going which mean I can get started on this as promised. The past few days have been pretty crazy. We are finally getting settled in and are starting to do some travelling around. On saturday after my plane came in we moved Elle to her new house. Which is a WHOLE lot cleaner then the last one. The rest of that day was a blur of shopping and running from one place to the next. We crashed pretty early since I hadn't slept in 30 something hours. On the plane I sat beside a really nice Australian couple who told some Aussie things they thought I ought to know. Such as never walk out in to the street thinking people will stop for you...because they won't.

Elle waiting to play her soccer game

On monday Elena had to work so I spent a very lazy day locked in her room :). I used that day to try and catch up some sleep. When she got home we ran over to the other house and picked up the last of her things and used the internet since we didn't have any at the new house. Tuesday we the touristy thing. We took the train down to Circular Quey (not sure if that is how you spell it) and saw the opera house and did a little shopping and wandering around till it was time to go home.

Looking back at the city

Today we did a little shopping in the morning, mainly for a beach towel. Only we found out that beach towels are obviously hard to come by at this time of the year :). It took us about an hour before we finally found some. Then we drove up to Palm beach to look around. The water was very warm but since Elle had to work we didn't have time to go swimming. While she worked I fought with the internet since it wouldn't work for me and had a little snooze. Elle and I have spent the last couple hours playing catch up on the internet and having fun. Well that is about all for now...

Walking in the water at Palm Beach