Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Battle Bluffs

Here are a few pictures from Nadine and mine latest hike. We hiked up Battle Bluffs which is near Red Lake (as far as I can remember) and the lake you can see in the pictures is Kamloops Lake. We actually managed to stay on the path most of the time which is pretty amazing for us so there was no getting lost and wondering if we were going to make it back before dark (though we did pack a flashlight...and bear spray...just to be safe). The best part of going for a hike is when you reach the top, it's always so peaceful and quiet. We always sit down to watch the world below and the sun set before we head back to the car.


Gmadorfy said...

What a beautiful view! You two girls are sooo enerjetik. I envy you to be able to hike so far. The old car looks like it has bullet holes! Gma

sharon said...

Awesome pics!!