Friday, August 20, 2010

Shop Until You Drop...

I finally have a few pictures to put on here!
So I don't think I have ever walked as much at one time as I did yesterday. Britta was at school most of the day so we decided that I would walk and meet her at the Hard Rock Cafe when she was done. It took me two hours to get there on foot. Thank goodness for taking the subway home!! It was a very cool walk, it went from nice, to grungy, to high rise central (though from the view in Britta's apartment all of Toronto looks like high rise central). Britta lives a block off Yonge street which is the main street that goes all the way through Toronto so all I had to do was walk straight down there to end up in the heart of downtown.
I went shopping in a very fancy Winners and then spent some time in the hugest mall I have ever seen, Eaton Centre. I have decided that the people here must like to shop in big stores because they are all double the size of any i've seen before. The Canadian Tire, MASSIVE, the Forever 21 is two stories and Eaton centre is three stories.
Needless to say when we got home last night all I had the energy for was sitting on the couch and then crawling my way to bed.
I learned a new word the first day I got here, street meat. Steet meat is the hot dogs that are sold on the sidewalk. They don't smell very good and they are everywhere. Guess I will never go hungry here in anycase. Just find some street meat hehe.

The view from the plane
Eaton Centre
This gives you an idea of how far I walked. This
picrture is taken off of Britta's balcony and I
only a couple blocks fromt the CN tower
where I walked to.
Dundas Square


delorogardener said...

Awesome pictures!! The one taken on the plane is cool. Wow, Britta has a great view! How was Hard Rock Cafe? Surprised you don't have any pics of guitars and such!!

jodie said...

Love the plane pic. You will be able to eat all the street meat you want and not gain any weight with all the walking you did yesterday, what a deal ;0)

Britta said...

Bahahah! Street meat! I'm always available on the phone should you have a confession... ;) hahha