Sunday, August 22, 2010

On To Montreal

I left Britta's at 9:40 this morning and I am now in Montreal with Elena!!
I think Britta and I have managed to hit up just about every main tourist attraction there is in Toronto. That is what it feels like anyways. So where to start....
Britta had a class in the morning on Friday so I just hung around her apartment till she got home. While she was at school she just so happened to over hear people talking about something called the CNE. If you have never heard of the CNE before it is pretty much the PNE. There were some pretty cool exhibits on such as The History of Rock. I wasn't allowed to take any pictures of that though. The coolest thing we got to see there was a figure skating show called Rock On Ice. Jamie Sale, David Pelletier and Vaughn Chipeur were all in it and they skated to old rock music. Lots of fun! Then we hit up the shopping. I have never seen such cheap clothes. We started with Stiches and everything there was on sale and then everything was another 50% off that. So we were paying three dollars for shirts and stuff like that. It made my day! After we left there we decided to walk to the subway station.......only it was a wee bit further away then we thought. It was a good walk though...until we got to the Rogers Center and realized there was a game on and people were going to be coming out at any minute and the station was going to be jam packed. Then we started to run. Anyways we finally made it home and then we crashed after that.
Jamie Sale and David Pelletier
There were acrobatics as well in the ice show
We decided that Saturday would be a good day for the Toronto Zoo. It was until I learned what a Toronto rain was like. Basically one minute the weather is fine then next you are soaked right through all your clothes and people are running for the nearest shelter. So we had a pretty wet trip to the zoo. After the zoo we went to the CN tower. We waited till it was dark before going up so we could see all the lights of the city. We wandered around there and then had massive desserts in the restaurant that is up there.
Our desserts

After gettting soaked
We ventured to the candy store at 8:30 at night and other then that we did not do much except sit on the couch. It was lovely!!
This was a pretty crazy day. We had both bought city passes so we decided to use them up this day. It started off with us heading to the Ontario Science Center. We quickly found out that it is meant for kids. Needless to say we did not last to long there. Then we headed to Casa Loma. That is a very cool place to see. It is a huge old house and they give you a...well it looks sort of like a phone and in each room there is a number and when you punch it in you can listen to the history of that room. It is pretty funny when you look around and everyone is walking around with these things up to their ears. The guy had built these secret staircases from his office to different floors of the house and then this huge underground tunnel to get to the stable and garage so they would not have to walk outside and cross the street and stuff. There was also an indoor pool but if I remember correctly it was never actually finished. The main bedrooms were HUGE. The ladies had two walk in closets, a big bathroom, massive sitting area and then another room for the actually bedroom. All of that for one person. I wish! The guys room wasn't quite as big but there were patio doors that opened and he could look out over the main entrance area. Oh and not to the mention the huge library that was in that house. After leaving there we walked over to the ROM, aka the Royal Ontario Museum. We wandered through there for a while looking at all the animals and such before heading off to do a little shopping at some VERY expensive stores!!! After that we headed on home to put our feet up for the night.
The back of Casa Loma
The front of Casa Loma
Outside the ROM
Britta had school all day Tuesday so I spend the day packing and such. I met her at this very cool little burger restaurant down the road for dinner. Tasted just like homemade. Then we stopped at Davids Tea on out way by before heading back home.
That would be today......So far my days has gone get up and get dressed and then weight the suitcase. Then run downstairs and jump in the cab. Get confused at the Toronto airport and wait forever in the security line. Get on the plane, land in Montreal and hop on a bus..then train and then another bus...walk and and now I am sitting on Elena's couch!


Britta said...

Hahah Oh I loved the recap! The expensive stores were in Yorkville (where the celebs go when they come to town), and the very cool burger place is South St. Burger co. ... How I love their wasabi mayo mmm. Very lonely here without you but I hope you have an amazing rest of your trip! Thanks for the awesome time Kristie!
xoxox <3 !

delorogardener said...

All sounds so interesting!! LOVE the 1st picture.... also the one of the lights at night. Hope you're having fun in Montreal!