Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Day Off

Hey All,

Well what a fun Saturday. The first one I have had off in a little while. I do like my job I promise :) Anyways I picked up my best friend Nadine whom I haven't seen in a month for a day on the town. We decided to take a walk down by the river but it was a little chilly so we didn't last for that long. After the walk we went to the mall to warm up a bit and then to Starbucks to get some hot drinks.

Anyways Nadine was also going to a birthday party that night so I dropped her off at her house and then waiting for another good friend of mine to get off work. Anyways I met her at the best dollar store around to by candy for our movie night and found out it was closed. We were very disappointed but decided Walmart was a good alternative. Long story short in a few minutes we could be found in our usual spot...curled up on her very comfy bed watching the movies we had picked out eating a tub of sour worms.

All in all it was an awesome way to spend my day off....
This is Nadine looking a little chilly down by the river.

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