Monday, July 7, 2008

One More Week To GO

Hey Yas,

Here is a quick update for the past couple weeks. Sorry I still can't put pictures on here still but I will be sure to soon. Anyways.....
On Sunday...that would be a week ago Sunday I went to Tim and Shalannes in Kalbar for a week. We spent a lot of the time laughing at the people in Boonah who thought it was so cold that beanies and winter jackets were needed. Though really it was about mid twenties and not cold at all. Shalanne made sure I tried all the Aussie food...which included cream buns. Those are SOOO yummy :)
On Saturday evening Tim and Shalanne drove me to the Gold Coast where I was meeting Phil and Fran. I got to check out Surfers Paradise and all the shops around there while they were at their meetings. It was VERY busy there though because it is winter holidays here right now. Then I walked back to where Phil and Fran were, which took me about an hour I think, to wait for them.
I sent off one of my suitcases to sydney this morning so I would have less to worry about on the flight there. Anyways that is about all I have been up to the past little while. I have 5 more days left here till I fly back to Sydney. It will sure be nice to sleep in my own bed again :)

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delorogardener said...

Sleep in your own bed????? We sold it!!! Thought you'd left home!!! Just joking - excited to see you soon! Love, Mom