Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Sunny Day For A Change!!


Now I have to figure out where I left off...I should learn to do that before I start typing :) What have I done since May 30.......

My bedroom for the moment....

Well I don't remeber what I did last week except some sitting at the beach haha....I think it was Thusday that I went to the Plaza in the morning. I found a fathers day card which was very surprising since their fathers day isn't for another couple months. The lady started asking questions when I went to pay for it. I think she was a little confused :) After I left there I drove to Coolum Beach and bought a meat pie for lunch. The only problem was that it started raining and there was no where to sit. I walked along the boardwalk eating my pie (which is very messy) until I found a place to sit that was covered. I was going to sit there and read my book and listen to the waves but since it was raining and not very nice I decided to leave.
The lifeguard tower at mooloolaba

On monday I went to Montville with Pru. Her parents own the clock shop there. It is just a little one street town in the hills. There was a candy store there where you could watch them while they made the candy. It smelled amazing in that store. We ate lunch with some of Pru's family at a little cafe. The most exciting part of the whole day was that I found sour patch kids in the chocolate shop. The first place I have seen them in Australia. They don't have sour candy like we do at home.....
My guitar

On tuesday I went to Australia Zoo for a few hours. If any of you have heard of Steve Irwin.....that was his zoo. I watched a little show with birds, snakes and crocs. It was really neat to see. They got a volunteer at the beginning of the show to demonstrate a snake bite (pretend of course).....the only problem was that the lady was scared of the snakes. Though the snakes wheren't moving and there were tons of people in there. Anyways they got her on the stretcher after the showed us what to do if you got bit and proceeded to throw her in to the water :) I walked through Roo Heaven where you can pet the kangaroos and wallabes. A few of the animals where hiding I think because it was raining a bit.
At Australia Zoo

Yesterday I took a walk up to the Buderim main street. I had run out of money on my phone so I had to get that. While I was up there I had a strwberry fruit chiller and a muffin at Gloria Jeans. Today I was going to drive to Noosa but I am supposed to be helping paint some timber whenever they are ready so I am saving that for another day. I went and walked on the beach for a couple hours thing morning which was was hot and the sun was shining so that always makes for a good day at the beach :)

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jodie said...

wow what a life, i wish i could go to the beach, go to the zoo and go to the candy store. hope you feel sorry for me having to have a real life :>) hehehe