Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shopping and Sydney

Hey Yas,

Well I am back in Sydney and staying with my friend Elena for a week. More on that later though since I should do this in order. I had a pretty awesome weekend....though it was a little chilly at times :)
Ezzy on the jumping castle at the show.

On Friday day night I went up to Phil and Frans with the kids. I got a huge king size bed all to myself!!! Anyways on Saturday we went to the Nambour Show and for any of you who have been to the Armstrong Fair it is a lot like that. We spent the day wandering around and taking the kids on rides and watching the wood chopping competition. Oh and they have these awesome show bags that are full of candy so we had a lot of yummy sugar that day. Then in the evening they had a little freestyle motor cross and the Toyota highlanders......not sure if that is the name. Anyways it was pretty much a little bit of stunt driving in little Toyota trucks. One of the guys drove around the whole arena on two wheels. There were also some really good fireworks that night.

I flew to Sydney on Sunday night after a yummy lunch on the beach. Monday Elena and I went to the Blue Mountains to see the Three Sisters. It was a little foggy and very chilly but other then that it was really neat to see. I bought a little sign in the souvenir shop there that says 'no worries mate' that I thought was kind of cool. We wandered around the town there called Katoomba for a little while. Oh so I might have mentioned before that Australia is the country of roundabouts.....pretty much every intersection is a roundabout. Well in Katoomba we wanted to turn around so Elle was like we will just go all the way around the next roundabout. The problem was there wasn't one. We were very excited that we had finally found a place without them. Though as we drove home Elle remembered that there were two right as you drove in to the town. Only two in the whole town....that is pretty amazing.

The Three Sisters.
Yesterday Elle and I did a little shopping at a couple outlet factorys. Then she had training for soccer that night so I spent the evening by myself. Then when she got home we walked to the servo up the street and bought chips and candy then watched a movie before going to bed. This morning her friend Sara picked us up for a little fast shopping at the shops that are near by. We got some pretty awesome deals there. Elena has to work today so now I am on my own until she gets back.

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delorogardener said...

Neat picture of the three sisters. Really looks like "blue" mountains.