Saturday, July 23, 2011


Nadine and I go on a hike every week.....and every week it rains on us. Tuesday was the worst weather yet though. We were completely soaked before we even got in to the park (the park being Peterson Creek). Despite being thoroughly soaked though we had a fantastic hike. It took us two and a half hours of walking through the creek, bush waking, and climbing up the side up the hill (we don't really use trails) to get to the bottom. The perfect adventure!

The bushes that were in our way!

The creek! My shoes did not appreciate

this part of the hike.

We climbed up on top thinking we

would spend some time on dry land

only to find out we had to climb back

down to get around.

We were pretty happy to see the

end after being in wet clothes for

that long!!


Gmadorfy said...

Sure looks like you had a lot of fun.Great everyone was in agreement to go even when you were soaked. Afraid I would be a party pooper on than hike!

jodie said...

You guys are extreme hikers!!