Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jamie Delaine Workshop

About a month ago I was reading one of my favourite photographers blogs and found out she was putting on a workshop. I got all excited and signed up right away and life was great. Actually that is one big lie. It went something more like this....

I was reading Jamie Delaine's blog (that would be the awesome photographer) and some how came across her workshop. I got super excited and sent her a message to find out if there were any spots left. Went home, had a wonderful nights sleep, went to leave for work the next day and found out that my car had been broken in to and my camera was gone. I know, I know, why leave an expensive camera lying on the front seat of your car all night. My hands were full when I went inside the night before ok. That's my only excuse. I should mention to that I had only had my car for about three weeks and I only got a new vehicle because a lovely gentleman decided to run in to the side of my truck. I just have the greatest luck! Needless to say I went to work just a wee bit upset. To make what is turning in to a long story shorter a couple hours later I found out there was room left at the workshop. All I could think about though was how dumb it would be to go to a photography workshop without a camera. Seems a little silly to me. I signed up anyways and a week before the workshop I bought a new camera (this one never leaves my sight). All turned out well in the end.

The workshop was yesterday held at Jamie's studio in Langley. It was a very fun day with awesome food and great advice. We even had a little photo shoot outside in the lovely sun.

We had dinner at the lake on Sunday with Andrew and Bre. There were A LOT of people there. On the way to Bre's place I took a wrong turn and I pulled in a parking lot to turn around and decided to call Bre while I was at it. When I looked up I saw my cars twin...how cool is that!!

Peaking through the door of Jamie's Studio

The photoshoot.

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delorogardener said...

That is SO cool to see your car's twin!!!! Glad you got your new camera in time for the workshop and glad you had fun at the workshop - better days ahead me thinks!