Saturday, June 19, 2010

And Again?

I think we should all be in shock two posts in a week......

Anyways.....I went for a bike ride today.....up in myself....till it started thundering and then I turned around and got back to my truck in time for it to start pouring buckets. Maybe that is a little exaggeration but it was raining! Before it started raining though I took a few pictures so here is the one I liked.

As well the other day my friend Sarah,
This is sarah, and I went for a walk through the park and we came across a little guy I call Mr.Fatty.....
This would be him. He started to walk towards us and we both decided that if he got any closer we were going to run away screaming. He was pretty entertaining to watch!

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jodie said...

You guys are hilarious:) hahaha!!!Scared of a gopher when Dustin chases bears for fun. Total opposites.