Monday, January 25, 2010

So How About the big city

Downtown Vancouver on Saturday.......need I say more......ok well just this once I will give the long story :)

Saturday there was an open house at VanArts (Vancouver Institute for media arts in other words) so we left bright and early that morning to check out the digital photography program. It was a very interesting presentation. Found out lots of intesting Clint Eastwood believes in working 9 to 5 and therefore a lot of his movies are done with visual effects. Anways before this presentation we had the lovely oppertunity to wander around the street of downtown. We took a wander around a mall where we looked at a dress that was worth $1300...I found a cool purse that was worth oh something like $300 and and we can't forget the leather gloves that are worth over $100. Last but not least dad thought we should pass on the bathroom renovation for something better.......a watch.......worth $7000. Needless to say we did NOT buy anything in that store. Then while walking back to the school we got to witness a protest. Very fun to watch though we were to far away to figure out what they were protesting. Then for the final event of the evening we drove over to Granville Island and wandered through the public market. We drove home at seven that evening to where the prices are slightly more affordable and you don't get watch thousands of people protest something (though I was invited to a rally on saturday...i'm sure five people will show up hehe)
The fruit at Granville Island


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very funny story :)

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