Monday, May 12, 2008

hello Everyone,

Sorry everyone for the very long space in between updates. My mother has been complaining about it, and now she is probably reading this laughing :) Unfortunately there is no wireless where I am at the moment so I can't upload pictures but I will get those on here as soon as possible.
I have moved on to Buderim which is where I will be for the next little while. I am staying with some friends that my family met while they were in Canada. There is ocean view from the living room window....just a little tiny stretch of the ocean we can see.
I don't remember where I left off so I am sorry if I repeat anything. Sorry gotta pause so I can wash my hands.....I was eating a bag of cheese twisties. Oh shopping here is very funny because everything comes in different containers. For example that bag of cheezies I just ate looks identical to a bag of plain lays is was very disappointing the first time I opened a bag of them. Anyways back to Sydney... Elle and I went to Toranga Zoo which was very fun. Though we couldn't figure out why everyone was taking so many pictures of the bears when there were kangaroos... On the weekend we went to the markets. It was mostly crafty stuff with a couple photographers and food booths. One of the days (sorry I can't remeber which one at the moment) we went for a walk along about six beaches. We started at Bondi Beach and worked our way down from there. Thursday was our first free day after a week and a half. We were going to go the mountains and see the three sisters but decided that we were to tired. So we went back to sleep instead :) We used the day to run errands. We met Elle's friend for supper that night at an Italian restaurant. On friday we were supposed to go sailing with Elena's roomate but it got canceled so we went to Palm Beach instead. We walked up to the lighthouse that was way up on the hill. The path up to it was really neat but slippery when you are wearing sandles...
On saturday Tyler picked me up from the Brisbane airport and we met Pru and the kids at the beach. That night I went to a young kids get together with Tyler's cousin Jess. It was pretty funny because all the kids were dressed up like old people. The last few days I have just been hanging out with Justin, Pru and the kids. I was by myself today so I walked up to the shops on the main street to look around.
Anyways hopefully I will get pictures on here soon....enjoy everyone!!!

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Gmadorfy said...

Read your update with interest. Glad you're having a good time. Had dinner with your mom on mothers day and later with ladawn.Its pouring rain here today -lucky you in sunshine. love ya